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Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1: For guaranteed allocation, you need to Buy $CXPAD on PancakeSwap : and meet our tiered criteria. Please check CoinxPad Levels here: .

Step 2: Fund your wallet with $USDT to participate in the upcoming IDO.

Step 3: Check all the upcoming IDO's on and complete the registration in time to get the guaranteed allocations. Some projects require KYC and some of them may need your wallet address to be whitelisted. So, please complete whatever required. KYC once done is applicable for all future projects. All the details are provided on the IDO details page.

Step 4: Visit IDO's page: at the IDO's launch time and connect your wallet (pre funded with $CXPAD and $USDT) and then buy allocated amount of tokens based on your tier or whatever max it will allow you.

Yes, each project is unique and they have different requirements like KYC or whitelisting. So, you must register for each project explicitly before the registration ends.

The CoinxPad levels give you an advantage of getting guaranteed allocations based on available pool size. You need to maintain required $CXPAD balance from the IDO registration date to the IDO allocation date (generally after 24 hours after the IDO end date). If you sell your $CXPAD before the IDO launch time, you will not be eligible to participate in that IDO.

All the holders that meet $CXPAD tier levels will get guaranteed allocations based on pool size and after registration for IDO. Guaranteed allocations are reserved for Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Silver Tiers. All users in the same tier will get same guaranteed allocation. Allocation of Diamond holder will be 8 times (8X) the allocation of Silver holders, allocation of Platinum holders will be 4 times (4X) the allocation of Silver holders and allocation of Gold holders will be 2 times (2X) the allocation of Silver holders. Bronze and Iron whitelisted Tiers are Lottery tiers with NO guaranteed allocation.

Guaranteed allocation will be available for 3 hours after IDO is opened. Any unsold allocation will be available for all CXPAD holders on a first come first serve round basis (who comes first will get a chance to participate in IDO). Even this is capped per tokenholder to ensure that the whole allocation does not go to one individual.

Bronze and Iron Tiers can take their chances in the lottery levels while holders with less than 8 million CXPAD token can try their luck in the “First Come First Served” round.

No, once the registration is completed, we take a snapshot of our users and holdings so the new $CXPAD you bought will not give you more allocations with the current round but help you get more allocations with the next IDO’s.

We go with $USDT as it's one of the popular stable coin. You need to fund your wallet with CXPAD to meet the required tier for the guaranteed allocation and then have some $USDT to participate in the IDO's.

Generally, within 24 hours after the IDO end date, you will get all the allocated tokens in your wallet. You need to find the wallet address of the project that you have participated and add it to your wallet so that you can see how many tokens you have received. If there is any discrepancies, you can contact us on

You can find the IDO project wallet address from the CoinxPad project details page.

All the projects launched on CoinxPad will be vetted and audited to ensure CoinxPad investors are safe against scams and rugs.

As an investor, you need to make sure you thoroughly understand the project that you will be investing and do all the required research and only invest when you are confident.

CoinxPad will not give you any financial advice or force you to invest in any projects.

In crypto space, a general rule is, you can invest what you can afford to lose.